28 November 2008


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Allah says:

“Guide us the right way to Allah”

(Surah Al-Fatihah 1:6)

This ayatul-Quran that we say every time when praying solat Fardhu in our daily life as muslim. It shows that Al-hidayah is so important to guide us become good servant of Allah and Khalifah on earth.

What is Al-hidayah..?

Ø The way to ensures a person to achieve the pleasure and the closure to Allah(mardhatillah wa taqarrub ilaihi)

Ø Tranquility(peaceful),satisfaction(ar-ridho),good feeling and attain the actual success(al-falah) and meaningful life(al-hayah at-tayyibah)

Ø It is the only system which human kind is able function and to carry out the duties of khalifah and ibadah

Allah says:

“And we appointed from among them leaders giving hidayah/showing right path on our instruction” (Surah As-Sajdah 32:24)

The above ayah refers to the messengers of Allah because only these special people who were given the privilege of bringing the message of Allah’s instruction directly. Hence, Al-Hidayah refers to “systematic and organized group of principles, instructions and teaching which brought by Allah directly”.

Al-Hidayah is also a favor or gift from Allah without which nobody is able to secure hidayah and remain on it for himself or for someone else. This is based on the story of Abu Talib when to die.

Allah says:

“Verily you never able to give hidayah to whom you like/love, but it is only Allah who is able to give hidayah to whom he likes” (Surah Al-Qasas 28:56)

The above ayah sent down to our prophet Muhammad S.A.W to entertain his heart after his failure to convince his uncle Abu Talib to embrace Islam, in spite of his utmost effort to save him from dying in kufr and to reassure Rasulullah S.A.W that the matter of

Al-Hidayah is something that only Allah has the power of giving and preventing from receiving it and it is not something that is within the capacity of human being to do so as being experienced by the messengers before him such as Noah a.s with his wife and son, Abraham a.s and his father.


v Guidance of Natural inspiration(Ilham Al-Fitr)

They are 2 types ;
1)PRIMARY- the basic necessity of life Eg: food, cloth and shelter

2)SECONDARY-the desire to fulfill the requirement of self-esteem
Eg: appreciation, recognition, acknowledgement, wealth,

Allah says:

“It is made beautiful in the eyes of human being to like what they desire for

naturally; women, children, huge quantity of gold silver, branded hoarse (transportation),cattle(farm),good agricultural land, these are the pleasure of life in this world and with Allah best place to return” (Surah Ali Imran 3:14)

The above ayah is mentions all the needs desired by human being in this life.
Naturally directing them towards exerting their efforts in order to obtain these aspired things and described by Allah as something beautiful in the
eyes of human being.
In Islam as a religion of fitrah, the fulfillment of the needs of fitrah is necessity.

v Guidance of Feeling and senses(Hidayah Al-Hawwas)

It is needed for two reasons;

1)to help us in controlling our self when we are responding to the urge and the pressure of human nature which is embodied and contained in ‘hidayah natural inspiration’.

Eg; a student who is worried about his study and very concern to excel

2)It plays the role as the manifestation, indication, and the sign of the needs of human nature(al-fitrah)

The response to our feels and desires is required in Islam.
However, it is not be ‘followed’ or fulfilled absolutely but within the scope of ‘aql.

v Guidance of intellect(Al-Aqal)

The mind refers to the faculty of intellectual; when we feel like to do something required by human nature, we have to examine the outcome of our deeds on our faith; emotion; intellect, money and physique.
Usually,this kind of hidayah will control the above two types of hidayah

v Guidance of religion(Ad-din)

Human intellect is still limited in examining the activities

whether it is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’’ Therefore, in cases and matters which Allah

knows that it is beyond the capabilities of human being to understand, Allah sends a revelation(Al-Quran)

explaining and providing solution for these matters in details and specific.

To be continued………

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